Subacute rehabilitation serves as a bridge between the hospital and home by way of providing care and helping patients overcome the challenges of recovering from an injury, illness, or surgery.

Our specialized rehabilitation program incorporates both therapy and nursing and includes physical, occupational and speech therapies. We provide a wide range of supplementary services that are overseen by a board-certified physician of physical medicine. Our rehabilitation center has therapy services available seven days a week.

Wounds can be devastating. They can really disrupt a patient’s entire rehab or recovery and lead to further complications. At Grandview, we do more than most skilled nursing centers in the region to control this terrible problem.

Upon arrival, patients receive a comprehensive assessment to look for any indication of a skin breakdown. Patients’ nutritional needs are examined to determine if any supplementation is needed to heal or prevent a wound from occurring. If a wound develops, the Grandview team have the expertise to address the problem and quickly begin the healing process.  

Grandview provides quality long term care services for individuals who require the security of 24/7 supervision. Daily activities from Bingo to religious services stimulate the residents’ need for social interaction, mental, and physical stimulation.

The Dietary staff provides three quality meals and a daily snack based on resident preferences. Resident independence is encouraged but for those who need assistance with activities of daily living, the facility provides 24-hour nursing services, physician services, and medication management.

Our resident council provides a vehicle for residents to participate in decision making and makes Grandview Rehab and Health Care Center a wonderful place to live. Residents and families are encouraged to make Grandview their home by decorating their room with personal items, photographs, and hobbies.

Our common space allows residents to stay connected through Wi-Fi access, expanded satellite television service, and social interaction with visitors and other residents.

Grandview values fun both within our facility and beyond it. We offer a variety of stimulating recreational activities that encourage each resident to stay active both mentally and physically. This gives all residents a chance to engage with other residents, staff and visiting family members. Grandview plans daily social, recreational, and cultural activities designed for each resident’s level of participation. These activities provide opportunities for residents to grow, learn, express themselves, and have fun. Programs include arts and crafts, exercise classes, weekly performances, outings to local destinations and more. Our library is fully stocked with books, many in large print, audiobooks, and movies.

Incorporating cultural themes, traditions, and customs into daily programming which allow residents and staff to experience a sense of community in the facility. At Grandview the rich cultural background of New Britain is given a chance to flourish. Embracing cultural diversity is an asset Grandview is proud of.

Here at Grandview, we offer a secured area for residents in need of more personalized care. With specialized activities and staff training, we are able to offer your loved ones the highest level of care by giving them the time and attention they need.

Memory care at Grandview is based on the abilities of each resident, focusing on strengths rather than weaknesses. Every resident in the program receives a personalized plan of care with an ongoing assessment of changing needs. We have individually tailored activities scheduled for seven days a week.

Food and nutrition plans are created for each resident’s needs and capabilities by our interdisciplinary team of healthcare professionals. Our trained staff members have ongoing training and education to provide them with the most current and effective care techniques. We try to create an environment designed to reduce agitation and confusion to help the residents move forward in their progress.